Innovative Implants & Instruments

Innov’Spine has been involved in the spinal implant market since 2005. We design, develop and market surgical spinal implants.

Our main objective is to simplify existing techniques. We provide the latest innovations in spinal surgery technology, which reduces the number of required surgical gestures and gives a greater guarantee of free risk surgery.

As we are close with spinal surgeons, we always can think about creating new implants and instruments or to improve the existing ones.

Development and fabrication are made with an exclusive partnership with the high tech LAPE Médical company which produces all of Innov’Spine implants and instruments.

Thanks to this partnership we can be more reactive, flexible, available, innovative and more performing.

Our main concern is to propose high quality implants. This is why we chose one of the most demanding notified body. We are CE marked by the LNE/GMED.

Our products are sold all around the world. We are present in more than 20 countries, essentially through distributors.

Our services


Generally, thanks to surgeons, we are always thinking about improvement or creation of implant or instrument.


Engineers, designers, adjusters work together in order to find the best solutions to complete the project.


LAPE Médical manufacturing units are always in evolution to always have the best available devices.


Having in intern all of the manufacturing prototyping tools allows to limit time of development


A custom modification or improvement on implants or instruments are possible.


We favor a direct contact, without any intermediary between the customer and the direction team.


All of our products are CE marked by the LNE/GMED.

Single Use

Pioneers in the single use instrumentation, we still are the only ones to propose some implants with a complete single use ancillary kit.

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