Secure Cervical Cage

ACIFBOXSE is a PEEK Optima® cervical cage secured by a blade.
It is the only secured cage which can be delivered pre filled with a single use ancillary set.

After inserting the cage in the interbody space, we turn the blade using an implant holder / screwdriver which secures the implant.
This security is reversible and allows the implant ablation with no vertebral body disrepair risk.
The rotation mechanism is completely « low profile » (<1mm) and atraumatic. With a large graft area, it is delivered:
– Empty which could be filled with autologue bone
– Pre filled with a ceramic biphasic insert (60/40). The insert is specifically developed for the cage. ACIFBOXSE allows to promote the bone fusion, to shorten the surgery time and to eliminate morbidity risks associated with the donor site. The cage is delivered filled with this insert, it is ready to use with no additional gesture.
Benefits :
– Aseptic risks diminution by limitating implant manipulating
– Content of the implant quantitative and qualitative guarantee

Eight sizes are available (2 widths of 14 & 16mm – 5 heights from 4,5 to 8,5mm)



Secure Cervical Cage

ACIFBOXSE have two ancillaries, single use or reusable.

ACIFBOXSE is the only market secured cage with a single use ancillary.
Innov’spine single use ancillary is a complete sterile set, including : 
– Trials of all sizes
– An implant holder for trials
– A screwdriver / implant holder which allows to insert the cage in the interbody space and to turn the securing blade
We are pioneers in this type of instrumentation, with a first placing on the market in 2005.

– Reusable ancillary is a universal cervical fusion set allowing to set all of our cervical implants range with the same box.




Kit fusion cervical universelle