Bone substitute


Calcium phosphate – Synthetic and resorbable

VALEOS is a bioactive calcium phosphate ceramic composed of hydroxyapatite (HA) and Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP).
MBCP™ is indicated to augment or replace bone graft in nonloadbearing clinical applications and is supplied in both block and granular form.


Malleable and synthetic bone substitute

Mohbone is an innovative and moldable synthetic bone graft developped with MBCP™, composed of Hydroxyapatite (HA), Beta Tricalcium Phospohate (ß-TCP) and a hydrogel.

Developed to facilitate handling during bone grafting procedure, Mohbone can fit into different grafting sites.



Mineralized and versatile sponge

INNOV’PACK is composed of MBCPTM technology and highly purified Type 1 porcine collagen.

is easy to use: it can be trimmed to each surgical requirement and becomes highly moldable when hydrated or soaked in blood. Its cohesive properties ensure no wash out.

INNOV’PACK has good haemostatic properties to control bleeding and to protect the wound bed.



Simplified bone regeneration

INNOV’SPACER is a ready-to-use synthetic bone graft matrix: biocompatible, resorbable and spongy designed with simplicity in mind.

Once place in the bone defect, it expands to espouse all contours, thus ensuring that the cavity is completely filled.

INNOV’SPACER is made of MBCPTM (synthetic bone graft) suspended in highly purified collagen (Type 1 ) carrier.